Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ROLE MODEL(article)


     Was listening to FM Radio in the evening while commuting from work place to home. The RJ was asking listeners to SMS the name of the person who they think is their role model in life.  The RJ was reading out the messages sent in by the listeners. The role models were many ranging from Abdul Kalaam to Film personalities to cricketers to Pop stars.
This set me thinking. Do we need a role model better than our parents? They are the ones that we see from when we remember the world.

    They've given birth to us. Brought us up with great pains and sacrifice. Spent sleepless nights to look after us when we were uncomfortable. Fed, clothed and educated us. Probably not all our dreams have come true. But they have done their best for us. No doubt all the above mentioned famous personalities are great in their own way. But then, therez only one Abdul Kalaam or one Mother Teresa. We can only try to inculcate a few values of these great people becoz each person is unique.

    Once, in a technical interview, after all the questions were done with, one of the committee members asked me "who is your role model in life and why?" I replied "My parents". Wonder what was so amusing to the panel. They all started laughing and one person asked me " what is this? we thought you would mention some great personality".  It really hurt me. I replied " great personalites are for the whole world. But to me, my parents are the World Sir".  He asked why it was so to which I replied "My parents have given birth to me. Instilled morals, ethics and values in me. They have been honest and are contributing in their own way to the society. What else is required in a role model Sir? Every body needs someone to look up to. To me, it is my parents." The person was taken aback. Needless to say, I lost out on the interview. But it really didn't matter. In fact I was happy I spoke my mind.

  This reminds me of an incident that took place long long ago. We were school kids then. My Father was a no-nonsense man and a stickler to healthy food. So, all those good looking snacks and fried stuff and chaats from roadside stalls were banned. Once me and my brother went alongwith Dad to his friend's place. While returning back, my brother saw a stall where they were selling the hot bajjis and bondas and masala vadas. He just wouldn't budge from that place and insisted that Dad buy us hot bondaas.  So, my Dad was forced to take us to the stall. He bought some masala vadas, paid and we moved from there. After a few minutes Dad saw that brother had a bonda in his hand. Obviously we hadn't bought it, So, he took us back to the stall to apologise to the vendor.  My brother's face was flustering.  However, the vendor gave my brother 2 more bondas free of cost and was happy Dad took us back all the way to apologise only to teach brother a good lesson.

  Also, I remember my parents always asking us to be truthful . If at all any of us lied, the quantum of punishment would be more.  But we could get away lightly when we spoke the truth :-) .  So there, don't you think our parents are the best role models in life? At least to me they are.

- Tara Shylendra


  1. Tarakka, what a meaningful post. I agree with you 110%. I appreciate even more what my parents have done to me as I am raising my own kids. It is not a easy job - raising kids the right way. It is such a fine line - if you are too strict then you have problems.. if you are too friendly and casual then you have another set of problems... So our parents did such a nice balancing act to teach us the right things by being very loving and disciplined at the same time..
    My parents are definitely my 'Role Models' and I hope to live as fulfilling life as they have till now. I like the slogan that I used to see on the back of an auto or Lorry - : Thayi Thandene Devaru".

    1. Thanks Anu. Itz heartening to note that children like you acknowledge parentz contribution to their life. Keep caring for your parents as u r doing now. God bless u

    2. Well Said Mr.Ananth Channaveer ..balancing is difficult ..

  2. True..for me too ! they are the role models Tara..I totally agree with you .
    They bought up three kids in such a nice and methodical/punctual way ..may be we cant do that for a single child ..Nice Post ..kepp blogging !

  3. I know Preethi. Your parents are such great people am fortunate to have such a close interaction wid them

  4. Thanks Tara ..Regarding punctulity ,yeah i can sense that in your Fathers face ..same with my dad too..In some hifi families ..seeing the bill if all items are added will be a mark of humility ,forget it if you calculate ,they taunt the servers ..just sharing it with you